Plovdiv Fantasy Guide

‘Plovdiv Fantasy Guide’ is a nontraditional tourist guide fashioned as a comic strip. In a funny and attractive manner, it presents opportunities for recreation and cultural tourism in Plovdiv, as well as the way in which we can fully feel and immerse ourselves into what we call the Plovdiv Way of Life.

The artists are Dimitar Petrov, Yordan Terziyski, Koycho Kasabov, Todor Karagyaurov, Mitch Brezounek, Viktor Muhtarov, Ani Yordanova, Teodora Doncheva – Tech, Todor Popov, Ivo Palchev, Mihail Rek.

Along with the tourist guide, the edition includes short graphic novels (comics) about real objects from the town. In the stories emblematic monuments are awaken for a new life and are presented in a new, updated meaning and purpose.

You can order the print edition here.