I have banitsa with boza (national breakfast) and go to the gypsy market. I found the best object in town (old dildo, jogging DIDAS sneakers…)
All Sunday morning I am at rousky pazar (Russian market).

After all the shopping and with my new DIDAS kicks I can have a beer at the market and eat a kebabche (a small long shaped meatball of pork on bbq, with lutinitsa – a traditional dip).

It’s the good time for going to see the Bulgarian Jurassic Park in the village of Novo Selo which is a 15 min drive by car.

After learning about the secret of evolution I go to restaurant Vatcha to try the best soup in the region, the legendary shkembe tchorba, (hot pork belly soup in milk with pepper and garlic). On the way back from Novo Selo on the right side of the road in the village… you will see a restaurant on the corner of the crossroad. Stop and goinside. 

It’s fucking hot in town and there is no airconditioner anywhere near me. So I go to Trakia for a swim in the cheapest outdoor swimming pool. Inside the old communist Hotel SPS I have some ice cream and drink beer.

After all of thoses beers I go back to Plovdiv for a walk. 
I take a trip to the top of Alyosha Hill for a view from the highest point in town. Maybe the best view. I take a selfie with Alyosha and I go to eat ice cream again in the center, Yoghurt taste is the best.

I go to the best Fish restaurant in Plovdiv, Ribarnika. Legend has it that Gerard Depardieu was a guest in this restaurant. Ribarnika is unique, located in middle of nowhere, always full, it’s a door to another dimension.
An exotic take of Greece and Paris, with parrots, fontain or river inside, and of course, the Moulin Rouge. Important – you will need to take a taxi there and bring mosquito repellent.

After all of the ouzo at the restaurant I feel like dancing in Caligula club (Kapana, Plovdiv) with the Transsexueal Shakira, I have a Gin Tonic to the sound of Aziz (turbo folk singer).

I move across the street to finish the night in Naylona, the oldest rockalcoholic bar in the city, I order a big glass of wiskey without ice and I start shaking my feet to AC/DC until my blood pressure goes down.